Reelig Glen Tree Surgery

It is common for my old man to rope me in to work in the woods with him when I am home.  I might grudge the early rise but I do usually love it, plus he has been extra specially helpful with all my Sri Lanka prep, thanks Papi.  This time, we were in Reelig Glen, Moniack.  In between dodging falling trees, tidying up timber and warning the general public about our activities, I took some photos.  A magical place.

2017-10-25 11.06.52 1.jpg


2017-10-25 11.07.00 1.jpg


2017-10-25 11.06.58 1.jpg


2017-10-25 11.06.48 1.jpg


2017-10-25 11.40.33 1.jpg


2017-10-25 11.06.57 1.jpg


2017-10-25 11.06.50 1.jpg


2017-10-25 11.06.46 1.jpg

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