Sri Lanka

You’re going where?

It’s terribly far but a terribly wonderful opportunity!

SLV Global is an organisation that provides psychology students with hands-on voluntary experience abroad in the mental health sector.  With experience in the field and now a cheeky BSc in Psychology I qualify for the Graduate placement – A twelve week programme outside SriLanka’s capital – Colombo.  I’ll be working alongside local professionals and other volunteers to run projects that aim to provide much needed stimulation, human contact and improve wellbeing in a number of psychiatric facilities and community initiatives.

I am mostly looking forward to exploring the use of music other creative therapies.  I hope I get to sing and dance to cheesy music and do all the googley-eye craft.  There is undoubtedly a whole lot of fun to be had, lots of eye opening loving learning but it will inevitably be tough too.  I’m sure there is no way that I can be fully prepared for what I will see and experience in Sri Lanka’s mental health sector but I will try to go with my heart and mind as open as can be.

For the moment I am doing an online TEFL course to hopefully make my English Teaching capability top notch and am working my butt off to save as much as I can before taking off.  Here is a link to my fundraiser if you would like to make a donation! 

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